Busy creating

Hi Lili fans! I have been busy creating new styles since my last post. I have many shoes pictured on the website but don’t be afraid to ask me for a specific color combination with either my one of a kind Sprinkle Shoes or moccasins. I have quite a few moms that have asked for a specific color combo and I have been able to accommodate everyone!

I have tweaked my Bow Moccs a little …you can see the latest version in the Peaches N’ Cream Bow Moccs image which btw was named after Lili’s grandmother, Mary. When people ask how she is doing her response is typically ‘Peaches ‘N Cream’ so naturally I wanted to create a mocc in her honor.

I am beyond excited and counting down for the release of my latest shoe for the fall. I will just say this, I love sweaters and boots in the fall, hint hint.

Mila is the baby in the Knockout Baby Sprinkle Shoes. She is beyond beautiful and has stolen our hearts here at Lili Collection. Mila has two big sisters, Noella and Lola (and a gorgeous mommy) and I’m in love with all 3 of them. Until next time. XOXO

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Lili Collection Website Launch

Hi everyone! Wow, what a couple of weeks it has been in the world of moccasins and baby shoes. Since announcing the Lili Collection website, I have been busy making all sorts of moccasins: color block, bows, standard, and, of course, my Signature Heart Moccasins. On the first week of the launch one of my role models, fitness guru and celebrity trainer, Tracy Anderson, posted a picture of her beautiful daughter Penny wearing the Kooky Koral Bow Moccs to her Instagram page. I was blown away when seeing this post and, needless to say, I was so excited and honored! Also, within the first week of the Lili Collection launch, an amazing store called Blue & Cream saw the moccasins and made an order to sell in their store in East Hampton. Wow, whoa, breathe! Beyond these events, I’ve been sewing away for all my fabulous moms and little ones. I’ve been having such a great time creating new designs and styles…and my O my, I have a new style mocc coming out for fall…and let me tell you hearts are going to melt and gush. I hear comments all the time about the leather; how beautiful and soft it is.  I buy all my leather from a fabulous well known leather store right here in NYC, in the Garment District. The store has been around a long time.They really know their leathers, which has in turn, helped me pick out the best for my little cutie patatooties (including my son Lili). Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook (Lili Collection Shoes), Instagram (lilicollectionshoes) and Twitter (@toosweetfeet) as I post sales, giveaways and happenings on a routine basis. Thank you to everyone supporting Lili Collection, LLC Megan XOXO PS. Blue & Cream is located at 60 The Cir, East Hampton, NY 11937 (631) 329-1392 stroll 2 heart moccKaison- LC Kidsandersonmonica 2-purple bowmonica 1- pink bowjoan 1- cherry bomb